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Apple Authorized Training Center for Education Program

The Apple Authorized Training Center for Education (AATCE) program provides unique benefits to schools that use Apple professional applications in their academic curriculum. Apple's curriculum is scalable to the needs of an educational institution within a semester-length class. The AATCE program provides the opportunity for schools to offer students not only a proven curriculum, but also the additional benefit of Apple Certification.

Apple Certification Ignites Careers

Apple Certification can jump start your students' futures and distinguish them as a professional-level user of Apple's professional applications. Participation in the program allows you to offer high quality training on the same professional software used every day in current television shows, films and recording studios.

AATCE Program Overview

Courses are delivered by Apple Certified Trainers who maintain Apple's highest quality standards. An AATCE incorporates Apple's curriculum into their existing, accredited curriculum and administers certification only to their enrolled students and faculty, which is considered "academic delivery." AATCEs do not deliver training or certification exams to the general public, even as part of enrichment or extension programs - that is considered "commercial delivery." Some higher education facilities may be authorized as commercial AATCs, which means they can deliver both academic and commercial courses. Acceptance as an AATCE does not guarantee acceptance into the AATC program.

AATCE Program Benefits

  • Certification exams provide revenue generating opportunities and allow students to distinguish themselves to colleges or prospective employers as skilled users of the chosen application.
  • Receive specialized AATCE communications.
  • Participate in occasional program webcasts and meetings.
  • The AATCE program logo identifies a school as an official Apple training center. AATCEs may use the logo in advertising, on business cards, on the school's website, and in other communication, in compliance with Apple Corporate Identity Guidelines.
  • Apple's official curriculum includes all the materials your Apple Certified Trainers need to conduct Apple Training courses.
  • AATCEs have an exclusive program home page that includes product imagery, keynote presentations, demo movies and other program materials.
  • AATCEs benefit from generous discounts on the Apple Pro Training Series courseware.
  • AATCEs have email access to Apple's AATCE program team. (Email is the primary form of communication for the program, so schools must have an account that accepts attachments.)

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