Localized Apple Certification Exams

Many Apple Certification exams are available in other languages, such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Below is a list of the localized computer-based tests offered at Apple Authorized Training Centers (AATCs).

Many AATCs schedule Certification Exam Sessions. If you don't see a session, contact your local AATC to schedule your exam. Please note that all AATCs offer all Mac OS X and Pro Apps exams, even if they don’t offer the corresponding course. So even if an AATC does not offer localized courses, they can still offer localized exams. Click here for book availability in other languages.

Pro Applications Exams
Logic Pro 9 Level One (Exam no. 9L0-838)
OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) Exams
Mac Integration Basics 10.8 (Exam no. 9L0-408)

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Three Steps to Certification

  1. Choose your certification path.
  2. Select a location:
  3. Register for and take your exam(s).

Benefits of Apple Certification

  • Differentiate yourself and your business
  • Gain recognition for technical competency
  • Build credibility with clients and employers
  • Increase visibility and enhance your reputation in a competitive marketplace
  • Publicize your certifications on the Apple Certified Professionals Registry
  • Display your personalized certificate and a logo that distinguishes you as an Apple Certified professional