Online Certification Exams

Offer and Qualifying Participants

  • Individuals who have obtained an exam keycode from an Apple Pro Training Series book, Exam Preparation Guide, or online exam offer page are eligible to take their certification exam online.
  • Price and retake price are indicated in the certification offer.

  • Codes are in the corresponding documents or pages:​
            El Capitan

Before Taking Your Exam

  1. Make note of any planned outages of Pearson VUE's exam system before planning to sit your exam.
  2. Review the Apple Certification Program Agreement.
  3. Check that your system has a Cable/DSL/Broadband connection. If your system does not meet this requirement, you cannot take the exam.

Taking Your Exam

1. Go to

2. If you have a Private Access Code enter it in the field when prompted, and then complete the remaining steps to take the exam.

Exam Preparation

Visit and follow links to the relevant section of our website for a list of recommended preparatory materials. You may also want to review the following supplemental resources:

Retake Policy

If you do not pass an exam, you may retake the exam after seven (7) twenty four (24) hour periods have passed from the completion of your last attempt. Retakes must be completed by the specified deadline as indicated in the certification offer.

Displaying Your Credentials

After passing your exam and earning your certification, you will receive an email about your certificate. You will also be invited to log into the Apple Certification Records System, where you can opt in to display your Apple Certification(s) on the Apple Certified Professionals Registry.

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Benefits of Apple Certification

  • Differentiate yourself and your business
  • Gain recognition for technical competency
  • Build credibility with clients and employers
  • Increase visibility and enhance your reputation in a competitive marketplace
  • Publicize your certifications on the Apple Certified Professionals Registry
  • Display your personalized certificate and a logo that distinguishes you as an Apple Certified professional