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Apple Certified Trainer

The Apple Certified Trainer (ACT) program prepares you to deliver exclusive Apple-authorized courses and exams that cover a range of products. As an ACT, you are equipped to provide training with the quality, consistency, and accessibility expected by Apple students and customers worldwide.


ACT candidates are qualified per course based on technical proficiency and instructional skills. You will be validated during a product-relevant train-the-trainer (T3) course, and you must pass the corresponding trainer certification exam.


After becoming an ACT, you may deliver courses through Apple Authorized Training Provider (AATP) and Apple Authorized Training Center for Education (AATCE) locations worldwide. 


To maintain your certification, you must uphold a high standard of instructional preparedness that may include annual recertification.

Apple Authorized Training Provider

The Apple Authorized Training Provider (AATP) program supports commercial training delivery organizations that focus on delivering Apple-authorized courses and exams in an instructor-led environment. As the exclusive delivery facilities of Apple-authorized training and exams, each location meets specific facility requirements and design standards.


Applicants are evaluated based on industry experience, location, and capabilities, and must be committed to providing a consistent, high-quality learning experience.

Apple Authorized Training Center - Education

The Apple Authorized Training Center for Education (AATCE) program supports schools that incorporate Apple-authorized course materials into their existing accredited curriculum and administer certifications to their enrolled students and faculty. 


This program is flexible in its design, using the Apple Pro Training Series textbooks and other materials to augment the existing curriculum. 


To ensure quality, consistency, and accessibility, AATCEs use ACTs to deliver Apple’s authorized courses.


The AATCE program is open to schools in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa.