Apple Authorized Training Center for Education

The Apple Authorized Training Center for Education (AATCE) program recognizes educational institutions that demonstrate a commitment to delivering courses on Apple technologies and to meeting Apple’s trainer, facility, and lab requirements. 

Apple has dedicated instructional material for AATCEs. The program is flexible in design and training, and it’s scalable to fit all the needs of an educational institution within a school semester. Certification is available so your students can demonstrate their skills to potential employers.

Student learning
App development
Technology has a language called code. And Apple believes that coding is an essential skill. Learning to code teaches you how to solve problems and work together in creative ways, and it helps you build apps that bring your ideas to life. Apple thinks that everyone should have a chance to create something that can change the world. So Apple designed a program that lets anyone learn, write, and teach code.

Become an AATCE

If your educational institution currently uses Apple solutions or plans to do so, you might qualify for the AATCE program. You’ll need to have an Apple Certified Trainer (ACT) to teach the curricula, and you’ll need to meet certain other requirements. To find out if you qualify, apply at the Training and Certification Portal.